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Newly built;  Located in China
The machine adopts PLC control system. The control of the DC motor adopts a digital speed control system with high precision, high performance and stability.

General Specifications:
Coil Specification
Material:  Q235,Q355
Strip thickness: Max.4.0 mm 
Strip width: Max.800 mm
Coil O.D.: 1200-1500 mm
Coil I.D.: 508-610 mm
Coil weight: Max. 10 T

Product Specification 
Pipe wall thickness: MAx.4.0 mm
Pipe length: 8-12 m

Mill specification
Welding type: TIG welding
Forming& welding speed: 1.2-1.5 m/min

Process Flow:
Process: Uncoiling → Straight head pinching and leveling → Vertical roller device → Shear butt welding → Entrance guide → Forming → Welding → Sizing → Cutting to length
 → Collection

Equipment list:
2- uncoiler
2-Head & peeler device
2-Pinch & leveling
2-Shearing and welding machine
2-Entrance guiding device
1-Forming and sizing Mill
1-Welding device
1-Sizing machine
1-Electrical control system
1-Hydraulic system
1-Foundation bolt
1-Laser cutting device
1-TIG welder​