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중고 조관기

Overview: 사용시간 아주 짧음Newly built;  Located in China General Specifications:Coil SpecificationMaterial:  Q235,Q355Strip thickness: Max.2.0 mm Strip width: Max.800 mmCoil O.D.: 1200-1500 mmCoil I.D.: 508-610 mmCoil weight: Max. 10 T Product Specification O.D.:Max.Φ248mmPipe wall thickness: MAx.2.0 mmPipe length: 8-12 m Mill specificationWelding type: TIG weldingForming& welding speed: 1.2-1.5 m/min Process Flow:Process: Uncoiling → Straight…
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중고 스파이럴 파이프 조관라인 매물

(중국 현장)–중고품 완전 재생 라인–스파이럴 조관기 *BRAND: HUAYE Machine Model: LH750-1220-12Coil width: 400- 750 mmPipe diameter range: Φ219-1220mmWall thickness range: 4-12 mmPipe length: 8-12 m overhaul 완료 Hyd.Tester 포함 전기, 유압부분은 새것으로 교체 Equipment list:  Uncoiler; Pinch and leveler;  Shearing and butt welding;…
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대형 조관기(스파이럴)

(중국현장) Used Φ3500×20mm Spiral pipe machine Overview: This used spiral pipe mill, producing diameter range Φ820mm to 3500mm and wall thickness range 8 mm to 20 mm. General specification: Coil width: 750-1800 mm Pipe O.D.: Φ820-Φ3500mm Pipe thickness: 8-20mm Pipe…
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나선파이프 조관기(spiral pipe)

(중국현장) 중고 나선파이프 제조라인(spiral pipe line) OD: 219~1220mm, T:3~12mm OD: 508~2620mm, T:6~20mm OD: 508~3040mm, T:6~25.4mm 유니온 010-4035-3255